Take a sip of nature’s finest plant milk

Delicious, nutritious, and thoughtfully grown

We set out to create a plant-based milk that does even better for the environment than others on the market. Which led us to the sunflower: a hearty, pollinator-friendly plant that’s grown in diverse climates, packed with nutrition, and free from major allergens. And the source of your new favorite dairy alternative.

The milk of all plant milks

Sunflowers are gentler on our environment.

Sunflowers promote healthy soil by restoring carbon to the earth. Their roots grow deep, breaking up soil layers, increasing circulation, and bringing all the great benefits of bacteria, fungi, and microbes to the field. Soil is healthier and richer when sunflowers are included in crop rotation!

Sunflowers are also drought-tolerant – which means they’ll survive in dry conditions. Not all plant-based milks can say the same! Most sunflower farmers use no-till or minimum-till practices, which means less greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.




Sunflowers have a lower carbon footprint compared to other milk varieties

And sunflowers require 40%
less water than almonds

Little seeds,
big nutrition

Sunflower seeds are functionally nutritious with healthy fats and protein, as well as a antioxidants like Vitamin E, copper, and magnesium. Your taste buds and your body will thank you.


Drinkable FOR any diet

Lattini is safe for those who are vegan, vegetarian, or who have food sensitivities to ingredients such as gluten.